Longform’s “Best Of,” The F-Word Response


An essay on Longform called The F Word is an example of how essayists aren’t limited in crafting their work.
Those 3 things are:

  1. Captivate. The essayist knows how to captivate. First and foremost, many people decide on what to read based on visuals and the title. I chose to read this essay because it was short and sweet: “The F Word”. The title alone left much to be discussed. What about the F-word? Is it the same F-word I’m thinking of? Also, the essay had a visual right after the title.
  2. A good start. The first few lines of the story reminisce that of narrative format. Opening an essay with dialogue is new to me, and it’s interesting. Things that surprise the reader will likely hold their attention better and keep them reading regardless.
  3. Content. An essayist can’t captivate their readers and rely alone on only a good start. What The F Word did was unexpected. Just as I mentioned earlier, I was wondering if the F-Word I thought of was the same F-word the essayist meant. It wasn’t. When writers go in a direction that catches their readers off guard, not only are we captivated, we’re actually interested in hearing what there is to say.

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